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SAS Rugby International Camp 2023

SAS Rugby is hosting an International 3-week, High-Performance position specific camp that develops young rugby talent from across the world. The camp will be under the guidance of experienced coaches Ernst Joubert, Hein Kriek, Chris...

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SAS 7s - Block 3 

The hustle continues as we continue into Block 3 of the SAS 7s programme this week. 

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SAS 7s x @sweat_1000 

As the boys prepare to head into their upcoming game block, we brought them out to SWEAT1000 for their game-changer. SWEAT, which stands for Specialized Weight Endurance Athletic Training, is about pushing limits. The ‘1000’ represents the calories burned in the 1-hour workout, integrating the best components of interval training, functional training, core stability work, athletic training, and agility training. 

Big thank you to the SWEAT1000 team and @andrewsweat1000 and @paulsweat1000 for the incredible experience!

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Mid-session cool down. 

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The SAS 7s players are back in action this week with Block 2 in full swing! Here’s what Head Coach @chrisdry7 had to share after today’s dynamic session with the Blitzboks:

“Programme is going very well. Intensity is picking up. We are at a stage where we are combining training as well as conditioning. We had a good run-in with the @blitzboks this morning and we’re heavily focused to get some good structures and execution for the next block.”

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Hard grafts from our 7s players this week🛠️

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The SAS 7s group had the privilege of taking part in the @blitzboks warm-up games this past weekend. 

“I’m going to judge them on their effort and their attitude. And that’s what they brought.”- @chrisdry7 

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✖️Bronco Test✖️

A true measure of endurance, mental and physical. The SAS standards are high and we’re raising the bar, pushing boundaries, and preparing these athletes to achieve peak performance.

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Explosive Focus. 

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All gas, no brakes📈

During the first week of the SAS 7s programme, players undergo various tests and evaluations. Testing at the beginning of the program provides a baseline assessment of each player’s fitness, skills, and performance levels. 

Speed testing is an important part of these assessments. Understanding each player’s speed, power, and agility is crucial. These insights provide valuable data on how quickly our athletes can generate force and propel themselves forward – skills vital in the dynamic, fast-paced nature of the game.

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The hype is ramping up for our internationally renowned #sas7s programme starting on 31/07.

We're fired up and ready for the boys to start next week! Keep close watch on our socials for the kick-off⚡️

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S&C sessions form an integral part of the SASRIC programme and go beyond just building physical strength.

These sessions instill a deep understanding of S&C principles in our young players. We focus on fostering proper techniques, emphasizing the importance of form and injury prevention.

We nurture a culture of discipline, dedication and passion for the game!

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✖️Introducing Ernst Joubert: Head of SASRII✖️

With a formidable background as a powerful No 8, and the grandson of former Springbok Piet Malan, Joubert has left an indelible mark on the game.

Before joining SAS in 2017, Joubert made a name for himself as one of Brendan Venter's finest signings for Saracens. His commanding ball-carrying skills and nimble work at the line-out earned him recognition as one of the Premiership's top performers, even earning a spot on the player-of-the-season shortlist. As fate would have it, he stepped up to captain Saracens in the absence of the injured England lock Steve Borthwick, leading them to the Premiership final.

A natural leader both on and off the field, Joubert's transition to Saracens from the Lions showcased his determination and skill. Now, as part of the SAS coaching staff, Joubert brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to guide and inspire our players. 

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Run it. 

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A vital part of our SASRIC programme is the Rugby 101 sessions🔩

It’s not just about mastering the game; it’s about developing well-rounded players both on and off the field. In our Rugby 101 sessions, we delve into topics that go beyond the boundaries of the pitch. 

Understanding your value as a player to embracing education, nutrition, mental health, playing styles, the transition from junior to senior rugby, and life after rugby, we empower our boys with knowledge and insights that shape them holistically. 

Because we believe that true rugby excellence extends far beyond the game itself💪🏽

DM for more information about our programmes and how to apply📲

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SAS 7’s 2023 - International High Performance Rugby Programme

✖️31 July 2023 - 8 November 2023
✖️18-24 years 
✖️Stellenbosch, South Africa

The SAS Rugby 7s Academy is a programme expertly designed to unlock the full potential of players. Located in the spectacular Stellenbosch, SAS provides an idyllic setting that inspires excellence and fosters the growth of young, aspiring rugby players.

SAS proudly stands as the esteemed official home of rugby greatness. It serves as the training hub for teams such as the Springbok Men's 7's and Women's 7's, the SA 7's Academy, the Springbok u20 Academy, Springboks Men's and Women's XV, the Junior Springboks, and the SA u18 teams.

✖️DM for more information & contact details.

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We kicked off our SASRIC 2023 programme today in Stellenbosch🚀

The energy was high this morning as the boys hit the ground running for some field work and speed testing after arriving yesterday. We’re pumped to see the progress happen over the next few weeks🔥 

Follow us over the next few weeks as we witness the boys develop and grow! 

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A great victory to end the season for the SASRII team,🏉 well deserved after a season full of blood, sweat and tears 🏉
The SAS 7's team ended their season on an all-time high⚡️🏉 with an incredible matchup against @swd_eaglesrugby
What a journey it has been!
A special thanks to everyone who made SASRII 2023 possible.
All the best to each and every player with their further endeavors!
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